Become Food Self-Sufficient Year Round

Affordable, convenient, nutrient dense, flavor dominant, sustainable year round food production. Sound technical? It’s not. We’ve done all the research for you.

Cheetah Micro Greens has created a compact, indoor garden that produces enough green vegetables to support the nutritional needs for thirty people year round, requires only three hours of weekly maintenance and costs less than $20/month in electricity.

To enable you to become food self-sufficient, Cheetah Micro Greens created Project Micro Green, a course that provides everything you need to successfully create and maintain an indoor garden while also creating a pathway for you to make a business selling Micro Greens locally, if you desire.

Learn how to set up your own year round food production system for any climate. Micro Greens are the more compact, flavorful and nutrient dense versions of their large leafy counterparts. There are hundreds of varieties of Micro Greens from Basil and Arugula to Kale and Lettuces. Micro Greens harvest in under two weeks when grown indoors in the Project Micro Green grow tent. The National Institute of Health reports that Micro Greens are 4-6 times more nutritious than regular greens with WebMD reporting some Micro Greens to have 10-40 times the nutritional value of regular greens.

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Guide to Growing Micro Greens E-Book

Learn how to set up your own year round food production system for any climate in this E-Book. Inside, you’ll discover what you will need to get started, why growing your own food supply is so important, how to set up your own Micro Green system, how to grow Micro Greens year round and how to use your Micro Greens in your home and as a potential business.

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Micro Green DIY Growing System

Learn how to set up your own year round food production system for any climate. We’ve partnered with Gorilla Grow Tents so you can purchase everything you need to build your Micro Green grow tent. Then, purchase the Micro Green E-Book for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Micro Green garden.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a guided course that will teach you everything step-by-step as well as how to profit off growing your Micro Greens. This course is hosted by Cheetah Learning, an education provider specializing in accelerated learning. After you register for the course, Cheetah Learning will ship your indoor vertical hydroponic system kit. Everything you need to set up and maintain your Micro Green garden is included in the kit. If you want to turn your Micro Green system into a business, Project Micro Green provides growing plans to maximize the output of your system and includes distribution materials to help you run a successful business with the potential to earn $3,000/month.

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