About Cheetah Micro Greens

Cheetah Micro Greens has roots in Alaska where the reliability of fresh produce is not constant. On average, produce that arrives to Alaska on barges is over ten days old and has lost much of its nutritional value. To provide Alaskans with fresh, nutrient dense produce that is low in cost Cheetah Micro Greens created Project Micro Green, a course that provides you with everything you need to build and maintain an indoor vertical hydroponic garden, what we call a grow tent.

The course is taught through accelerated learning specialists at Cheetah Learning. Cheetah Learning is more commonly known as a Project Management Education provider; however, who better to get your newest project up and running than leaders in accelerated learning?

Project Micro Green is a turn key system that can set this up in less than a day with minimal tools or skills. You will receive everything you need to construct your grow tent as well as a collection of Micro Green seeds to start your garden. The seeds are to planted in a shallow dish of a sterile growing medium. Inside the grow tent, the seeds will remain disease and bug free. A ventilation vent and a fifteen gallon tank with water and organic nutrients keeps the temperature and humidity at the ideal levels. With Project Micro Green you can go from set up to enjoying your Micro Greens in two weeks. If you desire, Project Micro Green provides a blueprint for distributing your Micro Greens to your local community helping you earn additional income.



With the right training and systems, anyone can efficiently grow their own food year round.


Create inexpensive, easy to set up, operate and maintain systems that enable people to grow Micro Greens year-round, Cheetah fast, and provide training for ways to use, share and/or sell the Micro Greens in their communities.


We grow healthy Micro Greens and create phenomenal indoor Micro Green farms. We give back to the community and do everything with great love. We support each other and our customers in positive and upbeat ways. We share our truth through education, kindness and uplifting others.