Become Food Self-Sufficient


Affordable, hyper local, nutrient dense, flavor dominant, sustainable year round food production. Sound technical? It’s not. We’ve done all the research for you! Imagine the possibilities if you had your own indoor garden that produces enough green vegetables to support the nutritional needs for thirty people year round, requires only three hours of weekly maintenance and adds less than $20 per month to your electricity bill.

You can stop there and enjoy the benefits of your own Micro Green operation or you can generate a monthly income through Project Micro Green, a turnkey system that includes all the equipment to run a small scale Micro Green operation year round. Ideal for restaurants, grocery stores, large families, small communities, schools, and community supported agriculture.


Micro Green Tour

If you’d like to see Cheetah Micro Greens Grow Tent in person, follow us on our US Tour. We will be checking into cities across the US over the course of the next 3 months. For updates, follow Cheetah’s Facebook page.





Cheetah Micro Greens


With the right training and systems, most people can efficiently grow their own food year round.


Create inexpensive, easy to set up, operate and maintain systems that enable people to grow Micro Greens year-round, Cheetah fast, and provide training for ways to use, share and/or sell the Micro Greens in their communities.


We grow great Micro Greens and create phenomenal indoor Micro Green farms. We give back to the community and do everything with great love. We are there for each other and our customers in healthy supportive ways. We share our truth in kind and uplifting ways with each other. We make other people’s days with out positive and upbeat way.



What are Micro Greens?

Micro Greens are smaller versions of larger plants that provide exceptional nutritional value (often 10x their larger counterparts). There are hundreds of varieties of Micro Greens that can be used in salads, in flavoring spices, in baked items to boost the nutritional value, in main dishes, etc. They go from seed to harvest in one to two weeks depending on the variety.

How much time does it take to grow Micro Greens?

With the system we developed, it takes you about five hours to set up the indoor tent with the lights and about 3 – 5 hours per week to set the seeds, move the trays, and maintain the system.  We have designed this so it’s very simple to harvest and transport the Micro Greens to consumers – it requires no tedious trimming or packaging.



How much space does this system use?

We use a small four foot wide by three foot deep by six foot high grow tent to ensure the Micro Greens stay disease and bug free. This environment is optimized for quickly producing nutritious Micro Greens. We keep the tent indoors and use a ventilation vent to insure the temperature stays at a constant 75° Fahrenheit with 50% humidity. Keeping the tent indoors insures you have a steady supply of Micro Greens throughout the year.

Where do I put the Micro Green grow tent?

You can put it anywhere in your home that is climatically controlled (essentially wherever you would be most comfortable living). The system is totally self contained with the vertical hydroponic application and includes a 15 gallon tank with water and organic nutrients – you do not need to be close to a water source.

Who purchases Micro Greens?

Consumers at Farmers Markets, in grocery stores, through community supported agriculture consortiums, restaurants, schools, and corporate food services. The way this system works, the Micro Greens are delivered in a way that extends their shelf life for the consumer and they get fresher greens for longer with less effort.

How long does it take to set this up?

The Project Micro Green program is a turn key system you can set this up in less than a day with minimal tools or skills. It takes less than ten days to grow many of the varieties of Micro Greens. Everything you need is included as a kit with the course. You will also receive the most popular Micro Green seeds. You can be using, sharing and selling your Micro Green crop in under two weeks.

How clean is this?

Since this is a hydroponic application in a self contained tent and we use a shallow dish of a sterile growing medium, it is a very clean gardening application.  There is no weeding, no digging in the dirt, no getting dirty involved with this.

Growth Sequence - A sequence of seedlings growing progressively taller, isolated against a white background.